February 1, 2016

Off To Sea

Last week our hot water heater developed a crack.  This small break lead to a week of unexpected events.  Josh worked wonders but we did go a day without water and then three days with just cold water as we waited for everything to come back together.  The kids didn't really mind.  No baths and boiling water to wash dishes didn't make their days unpleasant at all.
 In fact they were able to enjoy the benefits of a large house purchase, a new box.  Ethan, our resident destroyer, was all set on tearing the box apart as his activity once it arrived.  Luckily daddy made it into something fun and thus motivated Ethan to play with it, as the girls wanted, instead of just crushing it.
 What Josh made was a submarine, what the kids imagined was a pirate ship.  Ethan loves when his alternate personality as Captain Jake can come out to play.
And Abigail found a beautiful dress and fancy earring to wear because, to her, looking the part of a rugged female scallywag is the most crucial part of pirate play.  


mother said...

Ahh the beauty of a box and the worlds it opens up! Such a charming girl dressed in jewels from the sunken treasures Pirate Jake has found. Very cute.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious! Look at those earrings she found too!

mother said...

These 3 have to be the CUTEST. THREE. LITTLE. FACES.EVER!!!!!

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