February 15, 2016

My Valentines

A few weeks ago Abigail asked for a new dress.  We had a date night where we went to JoAnns and picked it out together.  Then came the fabric.  Then came the waiting.
Abigail, my lover of all holidays - Valentines being in the top three right after Birthdays and Christmas - was very excited about a new dress to wear to church for Valentine's Day.  So I set to work and managed to finish the last stitch last Wednesday.  She was so excited and wore it the rest of the day, Thursday and part of Friday.  Then it was set aside for Sunday and all of the festivities.  

But then Grandma set to work and sewed Abigail, Naomi and both of their favorite dollies matching ballerina skirts for Valentine's Day.  Come breakfast Sunday morning and these new gifts and needless to say, that new, very pink, dress was quickly forgotten.  You know what.  It is ok.  Watching these kids get so very, very excited and proud of their new skirts was a happy day for me.  There will be other days for mama dresses for sure.
My three little valentines, how I love them so.


mother said...

Those simple little skirts were never meant for public use--just for around the house play. (I'm rather embarrassed at how simply they were stitched...) Funny girls. I smiled to see them standing on one another's feet. What dear siblings.

hxriley said...

Sweet sweet sweet

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