February 11, 2016

My Time

For two years now we have been enjoying the benefits of Home Depot's free craft days for kids.  We don't go every month but we try to go often and always enjoy ourselves when we do.
But this past Saturday was a little monumental for all of us.  Because instead of getting two kits at the sign up desk we asked for three.
Naomi has finally gotten old enough to get her own orange apron and her own crafts to build.
Each child likes something different about these crafts.  Abigail loves the painting, Ethan the hammering, and Naomi - I do believe she just loved being the mess of it all.  Another success for all the ages!

1 comment:

hxriley said...

Right in daddy's element. Love Abigail's focus and braids. Sweet Ethan--he looks so confident. Naomi--melts ny heart.

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