February 2, 2016

Finding The One That Works

Josh and I love to play games.  The kids love to play games.  Finding a game that works for a five year old down to a one year old is hard to do.  So much so that I find myself putting off games.  I hate the thought that Abigail and Ethan miss out on games because of Naomi but it is a hard place to be in.  It will be better in a year, or two.  But finding something that works now is the best plan.  
Lucky for us we have stumbled upon picture bingo.  Naomi loves finding the pictures on her cards and it is a challenging enough game that the big kids love it too.  Who would have thought we could find the right game for all three.  Family win for sure!


mother said...

oh yes-we had a picture Bingo game I got at Current many years ago. Perfect for readers and non-readers alike. That little one will scramble and achieve all her life as she tried to keep up with the older siblings. It will amaze you.

hxriley said...

Great idea!!!!

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