February 17, 2016

Confinement Cleaning

When we were potty training Naomi we all spent a lot of quality time in the kitchen.  After day one I started going slightly batty but still had to be there.  Watching Naomi, encouraging her to drink and encouraging her to learn how to grow up into big girl panties.  I am so very pleased to say we are well past this stage, amazing what a few weeks can do, and have moved on to being all over the house and back to our days in town.  But the effects of those days of confinement still remain.
Because while we were in the kitchen the cabinets were scrubbed (inside/outside/top and bottom), things were reorganized, items were cleared out and all things were freshened up.  So here we are, clean kitchen and no more diapers.  Worth the work on both jobs for sure!


mother said...

Great feeling of accomplishment all around, I'd say! And the smiling, shoeless child next to the wall of sharp weapons has me chuckling.

hxriley said...

Way to keep busy!! I'm laughing at your moms comment bc I was also thinking how scary those knives looked by A. She clearly is HAPPY!

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