February 8, 2016

Because They Grow

These kids keep growing and they just don't stop.  
 Naomi's chilly little post bath body has caused Josh to put Abigail's bathrobe onto Naomi more and more.  After witnessing this Abigail declared, Mama I just need a new robe.  In this case making a bigger one for Abigail seemed more practical then making a smaller one for Naomi that would be grown out of sooner.  So a new robe was put on my to do list.  Lucky for us some fleece fabric in my stash from Grammie fit the bill for what she wanted.  A new robe was made and my girl is pleased, and warm too.
Two years ago I made Josh and the kids winter hats.  Last winter Abigail out grew hers and was made a purple one.  Her flowered one has since been passed to Naomi who wears it well.  But this winter we found Ethan's head had grown and he was in need of a new hat as well.  With no "boy" fleece in my stash I have put this project off for long enough.
Lucky for me I found a piece of vintage star wars fleece just the size I needed in the remnant bin at Joanns.  Ethan has no idea what star wars is and so when I tried to show him how cool his new hat was he wasn't too impressed.  But it does fit better and someday he will know about Luke, chewbacca, and the millennium falcon.  Someday he will realize just how cool he was by what his mom made for him.  Someday I will be cool, right?

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hxriley said...

Super mom to the rescue!!! You ARE a cool one at that ;). Good find in the scraps bin too ;)

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