February 5, 2016

Because She Will Always Be My Little Sister

This whole potty training process has been hard on the big kids.  Staying home, mama and daddy having to watch Naomi closely, staying in just the kitchen - for days, and watching Naomi get a reward for each success (luckily she didn't need these past day seven but those seven days of watching hersey kisses be given out were hard indeed).
But it is fun to watch the kids embrace Naomi and her success as well.  It is quite a family event when the little potty is filled.  Big cheers, hugs, kisses (the real kind) and the exclamation - our little sister is growing up.  But when Naomi can be bothersome to Abigail she can be heard saying, "Little sisters will be little sisters." as she puts her crayons higher, as she tries to get her barbie back or as her tower of blocks is knocked over.  
 But really, our past days of being home a lot has lead to more and more play like this.  Ethan is the daddy, Abigail the mommy and Naomi is the baby (surprise there).  As I encourage Naomi to grow up Abigail and Ethan are embracing her desire to be pampered and babied just about all the time.  
Oh these sibling interactions are interesting for sure.  But the end of the day they do love each other, play well and for today that helps cover the mother burden of the squabbles I carry from the days together.


hxriley said...

So very sweet ;) N in overhauls during training. I'm impressed ;)

Mother said...

Ever since Naomi arrived, Abigail thought of her as her very own live baby doll. Right? Youngest-child-always-the-baby patterns begin early and sometimes last forever! Abigail is definitely the nurturer for sure.

Anonymous said...

The 3rd definitely has a different perspective on life experiences and achievements than the first child who does everything without the support of his/her siblings. Good post!

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