February 4, 2016

About Feet

The other day we noticed a hole in the toe of Ethan's robeez.  What a sad day.  Those robeez are worn every single moment we are home.  I couldn't believe we needed to buy yet another pair.  Josh wondered if I could fix it.  That gave me pause.  Lucky for me I remembered a piece of deer skin leather I had in my fabric stash.
What a fun morning it was to present Ethan with his freshly replaced sole to his robeez and the new life those little pair of house slippers could live.
At the same time of this robeez repair I had a pair of footed pj's sitting in my sewing area.  This pair of hand me down pj's looked brand new and Ethan was so very excited that they were covered in dogs.  But sadly when he put them on we realized that the toes had been cut open on what might have been the other owner's first and only wear.
But I was inspired and Ethan was so eager to have those new jammies.  I took off the old bottoms and stitched new feet onto those doggy pj's.
And you know what, Ethan loves them.  Ethan really doesn't respond well when I make him something.  He just doesn't receive gifts well at all be a picture from Abigail or a new shirt.  But since he asked for new feet, since he saw his pj's sitting on my shelf, since he begged - the presentation of these fixed pj's was a huge success.  He has worn them pretty much every night since.  What a fun mending project for sure!
And how do I keep the kids happy when I am sewing you might ask?  Well, I have to admit it takes a very large barrel of tricks.  I can tell you that my kids look at my sewing area as a wonder of things they really shouldn't get into but just wish they could.  Abigail rearranges my pins into rainbow colors for me.  Naomi sits on my lap while I sew and begs to press the buttons on my machine.  And it does help that I keep jars of buttons, ribbons, beads and more tucked on the shelf.  When the project is almost done and the kids are ready for their mama back those jars will often give me the last 20 minutes I need to finish the stitch, the cut, and the fitting of that current project.  Days in the sewing area are always good for this mama indeed.  Time to create, yes that sounds lovely indeed.  New feet for Ethan today and more coming tomorrow.


mother said...

Once again the clever, thrifty mama emerges! Good, good job, girl!

hxriley said...

So sweet of you. Love those new feet. I've always been impressed by your ability to see with all kiddos there. Way to go!

Anonymous said...

You sewed new leather on the bottom? Oh cool! Do you have to use special thread for that?


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