February 25, 2016

A Reward

Abigail is learning to read these days but just like when any of us have to learn anything new, she isn't a huge fan.  Oh I try and tell her about all she will do in life once she knows how.  Travel, learn anything, cook anything and more comes with the ability to read.  Those all sound wonderful but when it comes time to sit down and start sounding out words she looks at me and sighs.  Often I hear, "Oh this is just no fun and I just wish I was at the last word of the last page I have to read today."  Oh the drama of those five to ten minutes a day.  
But the other day I came up with an idea.  For my date loving girl I have given her the challenge of you read me ten books and you get to go on a date reward.  The books can be her 8 page starter books or a 25 page first reader book.  As long as it is cover to cover, and a mix of both of these, she gets to add a ring to her reward chain.  The idea sounded good, we broke her first reader up into three days of reading and at the end of the last page she got her first chain.  As of last night my girl is up to three links in her chain and getting more confident with each one.  Oh yeah, learning new things is hard and until you become good at it, it is never fun.  But a reward chart does make the accomplishment for a job well done seem just a little better!


lindajo said...

Great idea. Also love that it a bright and very visual chart. Go A. Grammie loves to read too. The library was a favorite place of mine as a kid.

hxriley said...

You,momma, are SO wise!!!!
Way to go!! From what I've seen in kids her age (pre kindergarten) she is well above the cut!


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