January 19, 2016

Volume Wars

When we traveled to Texas in November my mother gave me the old story books on records from my childhood.  I brought them home, excited to share them with the kids, and realized I now needed to buy the kids a record player.  This purchase is hands down the best thing I have brought into this house in the past year.  It is used daily, completely at the kids disposal and loved.  I didn't love the idea of the kids scratching up the books since those are pretty special to me so I set out to find records that I could be a little more relaxed about.  

I found the perfect pile of records at a second hand store for a quarter a piece.  Ever since then we have daily volume wars.  
Sometimes is starts out simple.  Abigail puts on a record.  Ethan doesn't want to listen to that one so he pulls out the key board.  Naomi just wants to play a different game so she starts the barn magnet going and soon the house is full of noise.  

Then Abigail gets mad that the others are playing music and Ethan is begging for his turn to pick a record and Naomi cries because she wants her cup.

Soon Ethan is singing a made up song and Abigail is upset because he is too loud that she can't hear her music (have I mentioned that the records I found so cheap are all pretty bad seventies music and classical/operas.  Not my top choice to listen to but the music is in their hands to control and thus they love it).
And as they fight they seem to work it out and soon one is spinning, the other is kicking up their legs and the third is bouncing around to the beat.  Sometimes they forget what they are fighting about and all wander away to play somewhere else and I am left with music at top volume as I am just trying to clean or cook in the kitchen.  And you know what.  As I watch the kids learn to pick and choose what music they want, how to share and balance I find myself loving these silly volume wars.  It speaks to me of where I am at right now, where the kids are at, the growing and learning that is going on and the chaos of raising my crew.  Just know that if you call they house there might be some random italian opera singer going at it in the background and I might not be able to hear anything you say.  But there is no doubt in my mind that our house is alive.


hxriley said...

Hahahaha. ;) this is great!!!

hxriley said...

Hahahaha!! This is great!!!

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