January 14, 2016

Those Warm And Cozy Feelings

Winter, dark, cold and long days.  Ahh winter.  A great time to draw in but a time when we all dream of summer.  No one in my house likes butternut squash soup but me.  On really cold and long days I fight the blues away by putting together a batch.  The sight of brightly colored roasted vegetables really lifts one's spirits.  Add to it the taste and smells and one's favorite soup does have a way of turning the day around.
It is also fun when I know I can't eat the entire pot and so I texted some friends to see who else would like that warm and cozy feelings.  Delivering any food is fun but containers of my favorite soup in the winter to three houses was certainly fun for me.  Sharing the love to friends of mine who don't often take the time to make something just for us, when no one else likes it, is fun to do!


Mother said...

Let me run to the front door. There must be a bowl sitting out there waiting for ME!

Anonymous said...

I love that soup too- glad you found friends that love it as much as you!!

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