January 5, 2016

The Love Of A Mama

On Sunday I arrived at church, a new one to us and one we are still getting to know people at I might add, with bright nail polish and a handmade name tag.  If you know me at all you know I don't wear nail polish, ever.  If I do it is on my feet and it is much more maroon in color then bright pink.  As for my name, well outside of the house I am more often called Kathleen, not Mama.

But you know what, Abigail picked out and bought that nail polish for me for Christmas.  She also was so excited that SHE came up with the idea of a name tag for church.  She created it on Monday and then talked about it each day until Sunday.  These are those situations where a mother hopes a child will forget this wonderful creation so I don't have to actually wear it.  Did not happen in this case.   
Sunday came and I wore my name tag with bright colored nails into church, through the service and the entire way home.  Because really at the end of the day being proud of my daughter and showing her I love her is a lot more important then trying to impress people I don't even know.  (side note:  I do discourage Abigail from fixing my hair to go to town.  That activity is currently for just "home" days.  Someday she will understand.)


lindajo said...

Abigail you are such a sweetheart. Grammie loves the nail polish color! Kathleen, 100 % mama actions. You will wear pasta necklaces to church someday too I have to say I see moms at work often wearing their children's creations and you know how proud those kids feel

mother said...

Your nails look pretty-they REALLY do! Do you usually wear name tags at your church? Wonder where she got the idea... These mother actions speak of love louder than words ever can. She is a darling daughter.

mother said...

Just rethinking about this and laughing as I consider Abigail painting her aging mother's fingernails bright pink when you are beyond knowing that is what she is doing. haha You'll be the fanciest lady in the nursing home in 50 years. hahaha

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