January 15, 2016

Tea Time

Our schedule has shifted this winter.  Gone is the 10:30 lunch and the need for a snack/tea time at one.  Now we eat at 11:30/12 and we do very small snacks at 2 if at all and are then ready for dinner. 
 But the other day was a little different and there was a lot of joy when I declared that today would be a tea party day.
Tea and snacks helps to make any day great.  (please don't mind Naomi's shirt - this was the day she found a black permanent marker when I was putting laundry away.  What an active toddler she is these days and sometimes the reason we have to make the days special.  Find joy in the hard times.  She now points to every marker that comes across her path with a firm, NO NO.  ) 
Tea time can be fancy at a table and all or tea time can be relaxed and take place right in the middle of the kitchen floor.  We have found that no matter what snacks are involved, which flavor of tea is chosen, or what dishes are used - tea time is always fun.

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Sharon said...

Aunt Kathleen, grandma told me about the tea party, and I just had to see it! Also I agree that toddlers are...well...toddlers!

-Gigi,your oldest niece.


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