January 7, 2016

Special Powers

The imagination and dress up levels have been extremely high the past few weeks.  Maybe it is being home so much with activities on break for the holidays.  Or it could be the winter time keeps us indoors for longer periods in the mornings, more time for story lines to develope.  Another thought is it could be the ages.  Ethan has been getting in trouble recently because it takes FOREVER to do anything.  Ethan, please get dressed and make your bed.  He shows up a hour later.  He is dressed and bed is made but what did he do with the other 55 minutes of that hour?  His imagination is the answer.  This kid has grown to have quite the list of stories, scenarios,  dreams and missions that is so special and unique to our 3 year old boy. 
The other day Abigail and Naomi were princesses and Ethan was their good prince.  But as Ethan's imagination has grown it has caused some friction with Abigail's story lines.  Because as they were prancing around prince and princesses Ethan declared he needed his "special powers."  He ran to get the headband my parents had sent him for Christmas.  With that he was off.  Running around, fighting evil, flying so fast we "couldn't see him zooming by" all to the tune of his sister saying.  Oh but we were supposed to be going to the ball.
Yesterday morning found Abigail dressing her doll Anna up as baby Jesus.  The other dolls, Abigail and Naomi were wrapped in receiving blankets to represent the angels.  I was given a blanket for my head and instructed to sit next to Jesus and sing Christmas songs because I filled the role of Mary.  Ethan, our trusted Joseph (or sometimes shepherd) came on the scene as Ship Captain Jake.  Oh the sibling fights that result, ha ha.  But ship captain Jake he was and he paid his respects most humbly to the Baby Jesus but back to his boat (an overturned stool stuffed with a pillow) he did go as soon as he could.  Yes, imagination is quite the thing.  Takes you on wild adventures, turns your family into travel companions, creates large monsters in the deep, dark woods, and makes every day at our house pretty unpredictable to say the least. 


Anonymous said...

I like your role of sitting next to swaddled anna singing christmas songs- you made out well... would like to see a little video of you do this ;-)


mother said...

How interesting that the ideas and imaginations of each one go in different directions. Two leaders (maybe three??) in one set of siblings cause some times for crisis in a family. Ask me--I should know!!

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