January 21, 2016

Morning Hours

Someone recently asked me what I do all day, if I had a schedule, and how I get things done.  I have contemplated this for quite some time and each time it comes to mind I laugh.  I feel like with kids I can have a running To Do list at all times but really it isn't about me and what I do.  I have four people at home each day, four attitudes, four feelings, four people's health and everything can change on who is sleepy or hungry at any moment.  There are days I "go to town" for story hour, museum play, mooseketeers or ballet but when we can just stay home we do.  But staying home doesn't mean things are slow and relaxed.  Kind of the opposite really.
Because we never know just what is going to come up, who is going to want to do what, what friend might come over, how long we will play outside or what chores there are to do.
I snapped these pictures the other day as I thought about my mornings.  Days with little kids are fun, busy, and unpredictable.  They just might include, like this day did, a batch of muffins and coloring all before 6:30 am.  Because when we wake up and those little feet hit the ground they do with speed, excitement, goals and imaginations running wild.  My to do list is always there but who knows just what tomorrow will hold!


Jamie Deem said...

Thank you Kathleen!! I'm glad I'm not the only one. We don't really have a set "schedule" either and I'm constantly feeling like I'm running behind (or that my to do list will never get caught up). Some days, my goal is to just get 3 healthy meals prepared, served and cleaned up.
I'm trying to institute weekly "arts and cracks" time, daily outside time (either to the park down the road or just in our backyard or on the trails near our home), nap for the little one (rest time for the big one) so that I can get dinner started (& finished, if I'm lucky! But, not allowing anyone to sleep TOO long...then the dreaded up-too-late/I'm not tired bedtime dance....)
Anyhow, thank you again. I know I'm probably waaaay too worried about things that, in the long run, don't matter at all, and I do try to remember to enjoy these moments--as my Mom says "Little people, little problems".

hxriley said...

Busy busy but they look content. I love how all three are together at the table working. It's sweet if only for a few minutes ;)

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