January 20, 2016

List Temptations

When I can't sleep at night I browse other blogs.  Two weeks ago it seemed like so many of them were filled with people's top book lists for 2015.  I love a good book.  I can't resist a title suggestion so I pulled out pen and paper and started writing them down.  Since then my evenings and the kids rest times have been full.  
I look this picture last week and, except for still reading Bo at Ballard Creek to the kids, all of the books have been read and the stack of books by my bed looks a little different but just as tall.  Last night I just finished Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty.  SO good.  I love when I get to read a good book.  Now I just need to see which book on the list the library has next.  Any other suggestions for me?

A few of my favorites in the past few weeks:
Dear Mr. Knightly 
The war that saved my life
Below Stairs
Big Little Lies
Bright Valley Of Love
Blue Shoe
We are reading through the Caroline series with the kids (Laura Ingalls' mother's books.  So good as well)  Bo is our lunch time book.  I am enjoying that too.

I did get to visit the library yesterday as well.  The seven books I brought home for me are bound to hold one or more treasures.  Oh for more time and energy to read, that is today's wish!

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hxriley said...

Love how happy reading makes you (unless it's a pile of magazines). I wouldn't mind snuggling up next to a wood stove and reading. These days I tend to feel too distracted. It's one of my 2016 goals though ;)

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