January 13, 2016

Fixes From Modern Medicine

The Lord has blessed us with healthy kids.  But every once in awhile something will come up that needs to be taken care of.  During Ethan's 3 year well child visit in September one such issue came up.  It resulted in a check with the primary doctor, then a specialist and then a quick visit down to Anchorage for out patient surgery.  
 So the past few days daddy has been home taking care of the girls and Ethan I flew down to Anchorage to get things fixed.  It was a relatively routine out-patient surgery but since it was the first time I have had to kiss my child as he was taken away it was very hard on me.  But Ethan was a trouper.  He had the one on one attention from mama and from Grammie who came into town to give us support as well.  We spent a lot of time figuring out dr. office activities, finding ways to keep an active 3-year old still so he could be in quiet places or recover.
No surgery ever is fun but Ethan certainly felt love from his family who cares, prayers that covered him, a stuffed bear from Grandpa and lots of posters hanging around his bed when we finally made it home last night.  Being healthy is great!  But when it is needed I am certainly thankful for the great people in the health care world who take care of us!


Grandma said...

Oh Dear Ethan, We are so thankful all went well and you are back home with your Daddy and sisters. That is one good looking bear from Grandpa! You look happy, honey. We pray for a speedy recovery.

Anonymous said...

That was a fun memory for him because he doesn't know any of the details or hard parts ;-)- thanks to a kind gramme to come be with you guys! I like that his siblings made signs around his bed too- very sweet.

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