January 22, 2016

Color Time Fun

This winter in Fairbanks has been the most mild of any I have experienced in my 13 winters in Alaska.  Because of that the kids and I are outside for hours each day.  Some toys are there to play with but mainly the snow itself is our entertainment.  That and I like to walk - the kids not so much - but I do so we do!

Recently I heard of a fun idea for snow play.  I thought I would share so that others looking for fun ways to keep our children happy outside could enjoy as well.
It is very simple.  A spray bottle, food coloring and water.
The kids love to paint but really paint inside with all three is kind of a disaster these days.  
But "painting" the snow outside has been a huge success.  Especially with my little artist.  Abigail loves to run out with the bottles each day and make new creations all over the yard.
So here is a YEAH for another activity win.  Snow time fun plus color.  Makes for lots of outdoor fun, except when the bottles freeze up.  But hey they thaw and we can play again tomorrow - right!


Mother said...

Perhaps you could add a little alcohol so it won't freeze? Reminds of winter carnivals at college where different groups made giant snow sculptures and we painted them. Near looking until the first warm day (many weeks later, of course) when the colors would drip and run. But what a fun experience to create the giant creatures and hose them down to freeze solid. This post reminded me of those 4 February Winter Weekends. Thanks.

hxriley said...

Love it!!

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