January 28, 2016

And Then There Were Three

Having three kids means that there is a steady stream of hand me downs going around.  The kids don't mind, things are reused and all is well.  But sometimes Naomi needs a little something new, just for her.  So where Abigail told me she might need an apron that is a little newer and then she could give Naomi her old one I decided not this time.
Nope, this time Naomi was getting her very own mama made apron.  When it comes to something I can make from this and that I have on hand I jump at the occasion.
And cooking with these three in their own personalized mama made aprons makes me smile.  Cooking with three little ones is chaos but hey, at least they all look the part.  Now it is time to make the mess, oh I mean sweets.


mother said...

Ragamuffins if I ever saw one!!! That skirt on ABigail is a killer!!!

mother said...

Reminds me of the Gold, Silver and Bronze Olympic pedastles at Lake Placid. Remember?

hxriley said...

I love her new apron ;) such a sweet little gift to her. I also can't help but notice how much those bins get used all over your house ;) what a great purchase


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