December 9, 2015

Work Goes On

So you know those long, long summer days I am always talking about in June and July, well we are on the flip side of that now.  As much summer sunshine we have then is how much cold, dark and deep dark we have now.  It is really sinking in right now.  The past few days I have given the kids breakfast at 9:30 am.  Oh they still wake up at 6:30 but we are just around and it feels so "middle of the night" ish with the pitch dark.  When they get fussy around 9 I start to realize I need to follow the clock not the sun.  He is a distant relative who just peeks in on us through cold clouds for a very small bit each day, at lunch - not breakfast.
But through the dark I am thankful for the lights.  Christmas lights,  decorative lights,  happy lights that bring us fake sun, every room lite up lights and of course, work lights.  And with that a husband who is willing to go out and get the work done.  In the dark and in the cold, because even if the sun is gone for now, the work certainly isn't.


Anonymous said...

What is he doing out there? Wood? Christmas lights are a welcomed happiness with the absence of the sun- good perspective!

mother said...

I wanted to go crawl in under the covers while reading this blogpost but then looked up from my computer to yet another sunny and bright day with flowers blooming outside my window. whew! For a moment there I thought it was winter!
I liked your description of the sun. Quite lyrical. Well written, even though the subject matter was not. Love you.

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