December 21, 2015

Winter Solstice 2015

Today is it, the day at the end of our six months of daylight decline.  Today when the sun rises, if it manages to peek out from behind cold weather clouds, we probably won't even see it.  At our house we live behind a small hill and therefore unless we go to town at its beak we don't get to have the sun in our eyes at all.  A lot of people celebrate solstice.  We are a town that cannot have fireworks on the fourth of July since then it never gets dark, and it is too much of a fire danger.  But tonight the skies will be alive with splashes of color.  I personally celebrate tomorrow more then today.  One, is a very special birthday and two, it is the start of our turn around.  Tomorrow we will gain precious seconds to our daylight and then there is no turning back for six more months.  Yes, this happens every year and every year each and every person in the north rejoices.   Being an Alaskan has taught me to certainly love, adore, long for, and enjoy each moment of the sun.  
I don't really ever put up pictures from the internet but this one was too good to pass up today.  Happy winter solstice to us all.  

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