December 24, 2015

What I want To Remember

Years go by, memories blur, things are forgotten and new events fill our minds.  But for this Christmas season these are some things I don't want to forget.  Little bits of every day life that I hope to always cherish.  
 Abigail, my girl who loves to get gifts but also give gifts.  All year long she is trying to give her things away to people.  Find-me-someone-who-will-accept-something-from-me is is pretty much her inner desire.  So bring on Christmas where gifts are given and received and well, she is in heaven.  But oh, to wait and wait and wait until Christmas.  The waiting has been so hard.  To help fill the days she has colored pictures for all family members, neighbors, mailman, the UPS man, friends, and the librarians at the library.  Now the days are drawing near, we are done handing out gifts but she still has a need.  So little bits of paper have gone missing, as well as tape and bows.  Her dolls are now getting presents wrapped up from items in her special place.  The "kids" tree is starting to fill up with presents for each and every doll she has.  She is finding she must name those random tiny unnamed babies so that they can then be given a gift.  Oh how I love this.  I love the excitement it brings, the anticipation.  Abigail seriously has not sat still to eat, read a book, watch a movie, cook a meal or dessert all week and as for preschool work - oh no, way too slow for this girl.  I am constantly thinking she has to go to the bathroom because she is bouncing all over the place.  Such a wonderful time of the year and a happy, happiest season of all.
 And where the presents are so fun to look at they are untouchable until Christmas.   But the boxes and packing they come in have been so much fun for us as we wait.  What better then boxes upon boxes to have as cars, snowmachines, airplanes, rockets, baby doll beds and more.  And can we just talk about how happy the kids are that Amazon doesn't send plastic air anymore for packing but instead the big loose packing paper.  It makes the best "posters" there are.  Smooth it out and we have a new place to color.  Add to it the empty wrapping paper tubes that Ethan has made into swords, wands, untwisted to create a "tigger tail" so he could bounce and so much more.  For my boy that likes to destroy things it is so fun to have a box, tube or paper, play with it, destroy it and later that day be presented with another by the delivery man at the door.  Perfect.  Ethan likes to ask each day, "Is Christmas ever coming?"  This month of advent has been long indeed.
Ever since our UPS driver started his new route in July and stopped us on his first day to ask directions, he has been Ethan's favorite person.  We don't often get packages but we do see him drive his route almost daily when we would be out for our walk all summer and fall.  He even stopped once, let Ethan climb in his truck and gave Ethan a hug.  Ethan is completely smitten.  Now, thanks to generous family member sending us gifts the package man has been coming to OUR house and well, the kids are besides themselves with joy.  If you know an UPS driver you should let them know how kids, well at least mine, really think that when you come to deliver a present to our house that pretty much means you are our best friend.  Unfortunately due to air travel to get boxes this far north and then the busy season that it is, a lot of our boxes come late at night when the kids are already in bed.  But to open the door in the morning and see a box, well that is pretty magical too.  So much so that Ethan has taken to playing "package man."  He loads his toy train up with block "packages" and heads out for his deliveries.  We are all blessed to then receive our packages in such a timely manner.  What a wonderful gift to receive.

Oh I know that there are other things I am missing and I will look back and forget but today here are these.  A glimpse of Christmas with a 5, 3 and 18 month old.  Abigail busy wrapping, Ethan delivering and Naomi standing in front of the fridge or cookie jar yelling - yumm, yumm.  What a year to remember, and Santa comes tonight!  The wait is finally over.  

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mother said...

After the gifts are opened in an explosion of wrapping paper and the meal is but a plate of crumbs--THESE exact memories are what will remain for the rest of your life. I can stay this honestly. Good job recording them here. They are really precious!! Abigail's actions remind me of you as a little girl, Kathleen. Glad you have chosen today to begin to wind down and let all take a few deep breaths.

Personally, Christmas Eve is my favorite day of the year--the wonder and anticipation and the focus on the miracle of the manger bed filled every nook and cranny of this day and my mind and my heart were filled to overflowing after you all were asleep, stockings done and the house was silent but for the strains of Christmas music on the stereo. Every year I paused at this moment, admiring the tree with its lights and gifts underneath, then walked outside in the snow. Either the stars were bright and the tree shadows sharp from the moon or a fresh snow was falling--either way the silence fulfilled me. I gazed at the night sky and tried to imagine a sudden burst of shocking light and host of angels praising God. Such amazement! Then I sat inside for awhile taking time to pray for each of you in that annual moment of peacefulness. A most beautiful and holy night.

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