December 28, 2015

What Fun Times

What a fun time we had this Christmas.
 SO MUCH FOOD.  Josh wasn't feeling great so where I cooked our normal amount we ended every meal with lots of leftovers, we should have had 20 people to dinner Christmas Eve.
 After getting new jammies we set things out for Santa
 And Naomi just couldn't get over why someone would leave perfectly good yumm yumms out on the table.
 That night I couldn't sleep, at all.  I was so excited, nervous someone would be unhappy, over tired and excited once again.  In the end I was up long before the kids the next morning.
 We started a new tradition of having homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast Christmas morning.  Josh found a recipe for strawberry pie filling rolls.  I made the pie filling out of frozen strawberries and that turned out better then I thought it would.  The rolls were a bit messy in the making but turned out great.
 I didn't get any pics of the present opening on Christmas (too much fun was being had) but I did document the few gifs opened Christmas eve.
 The kids did such a great job being excited for each other and admiring what they got as well as what their siblings received.
And there was joy all around all day long.  What a wonderful Christmas we all did have.  Abigail and I have had discussions all weekend about why we have to wait a whole year for Christmas to come again.  In our talks we try and mention all of the other things that we are exited about (holidays, birthdays, ballet, summer and such) that we would miss if we only focused on Christmas.  But boy it was a magical time of year for sure.

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mother said...

Delightful pictures of a wonderful time in your house. Thank you for sharing your Christmas moments with us.


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