December 7, 2015

We Celebrated Five Years

Saturday was a celebration from start to finish.  I was a little concerned Friday night about making the days super special since Abigail cried as she went to sleep since she just didn't want to turn five.  Being four had been wonderful, she said, and even though she wanted to have a party, she really still wanted to be four.

Oh, what a dilemma!  I do believe one of the hardest emotion things for me to do is put my children to bed the night before their birthday.  All those memories of their birth, their life, the past year and all the hopes for the future.  What an emotional time it is for the child and for the mother!
 But much to my joy, and Abigail's, the day was super fun all day long.  We started with extended family gifts being opened over a birthday of pancakes with sprinkles and cool whip.
 Then Abigail and Ethan got to go ice skating with daddy while Naomi and I finished getting things all set up for the party.
 Having a few girl friends, crafts, games, coloring, strawberry milkshakes and rainbow cake was a full afternoon.
 Josh and I made Abigail a surprise rainbow cake like she requested (more tomorrow since it was honestly the hardest thing I have yet to bake, so thankful for youtube.)  It was a wonderfully fun afternoon of laughs, play, giggles, sweets and everything just as she wanted.
 After her special requested dinner Ethan FINALLY got to give her his gift that he was so very, very excited about giving and she was so super excited about getting.  Honestly, presents from siblings are the best there are!  So fun to see them both so excited.
Yes, turning five can be hard but oh what a good year it will be.  We certainly celebrated the ending of four and the start of five in style.  


mother said...

Five is one of those special years where a child is just happy in who they big challenges to tackle. God bless her as Miss Five.

moth said...

Ethan's little face of true anticipation and joy as he peeked under the gift wrap to see HIS gift being revealed is priceless!

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