December 16, 2015

Now That I Am 5

One of the kids' favorite part of this season is all of the special baking that we get to do.  Fudge, cookies, mints, egg nog and more.
While making the fudge the other day Abigail declared, "Now that I am 5 I can help stir things on the stove."  And yes indeed she can.
Cooking with the kids as they get older and older is so much more fun.  Abigail is usually at my side because she just loves anything, Ethan just loves the process of cooking itself.  It makes all of the kids so proud to eat and serve their dad, friends and neighbors things that they have created.
Naomi, my resident home wrecker, just loves the eating part of any baking experience.  She joins us in the kitchen for any and all yumm, yumms she can find.  Last week was the fudge and egg nog, this week the mints and cookies of many shapes and sizes.  The smells and tastes of Christmas are here.

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mother said...

What a wonderful time in your house--full of messes and sweet aromas! And the oven warms the kitchen nicely, as well. I treasured the times I made cookies with you three--doing it alone is just NOT FUN. I get joy from thinking about your happy, baking family. Love you.


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