December 8, 2015

Lets Talk Cak

Lets talk about Abigail's birthday cake.  I am not a big elaborate baker but it is fun to make something new and youtube does have such good ideas.
Since her party idea was my little pony rainbows I had the idea to do a rainbow cake.  Well, to tell you the truth my main idea was to make a fun fetti sprinkles sheet cake with a rainbow drawn on the top in colored frosting.  Josh didn't like that idea too much.
Oh my artist who loves to see the world in a lot of color convinced me that I could make the youtube cake.  I agreed but only if I could do it with what I had on hand (no special pans or cake decorating tools).  He was so excited that when I started to make the frosting he stepped in and colored it all for me.
I made four 8" layers purple, green, yellow and red.  The frosting was colored the same and so was able to keep the rainbow going, didn't break up the cake layers with layers of white.  The frosting on Friday night filled in between each layer and the created the crumb layer around the outside but then I ran out.
So while Josh took the kids ice skating on Abigail's birthday I quickly made another batch of frosting with this helper.  The frosting was quickly renamed yumm yumm.
And using a plastic bag with a hold cut in the corner I created this.  I was so pleased with how it turned out.
And even cut into the rainbow remained.
It was certainly a challenge for me.  At the time I swore I wouldn't make something like this ever again.  But in hind sight it was really fun.  I had a lot of flash back memories of decorating cakes with my aunt Lilly as a child.  I was always so amazed at how she could made flowers out of frosting.  Maybe I need to try that someday.
But getting back to rainbows - the cake really turned out well and the best part, it tasted great and it was enjoyed by all!  


Heather said...

SO IMPRESSIVE!!! I love it!!! I can only imagine how long it took to cover the cake the way you did with the frosting??? Great job team Klynstra! You've set the bar HIGH!

Anonymous said...

You did an amazing job with that cake! What a fun accomplishment!

mother said...

Quite the masterpiece! I'm so glad Josh helped with such a big project. He looks so happy doing it, too. haha ( A sweet job.)
It came out perfectly!


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