December 23, 2015

How High Are My Expectations?

Christmas time.  A time for new and old traditions, sweets, story books, giving, receiving, dancing, jingle bells, family, memories, and so much more.
I feel like several years into this "parenting through the holidays" gig we are starting to figure out a better pace for things.  The past few years have been a little overwhelming.  Last year was too much in the end.
This year I find we are doing a lot but the kids area also grasping the concept that it is in preparation.  Such a hard thing to figure out.  To cook, give, celebrate, tell the story, learn the parts and all for 25 days in a row can be a pretty big deal for little people.  So much build up.
But Josh and I are lowering our expectations on ourselves and on the kids and we are finding the simple pleasures keep us going strong.  Little joys of visiting the gingerbread house competition as a family is something that can be talked about for days.  Simple and sweet.  Only a few more days to go until Christmas 2015 and honestly we are stocked full of groceries, activities, and games to play.  Besides Josh going to work and an outing to the Christmas Eve Candle light service I have no plans to go anywhere with the kids until Sunday.  Good-bye stores and all the hustle and bustle.  I am ready for the silent night, holy night, all is calm, all is bright and just maybe a hallmark Christmas classic.  


Anonymous said...

Good for you! Better to learn this lesson now than look back of years of regret!

mother said...

Cute pics of gingerbread houses and the kids' clothes with gingerbread people on them. Ethan's expression, as he gazes at the candy house, is so dear.

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