December 4, 2015

Five Years

Tomorrow my first born is going to be five years old.  Years go by so fast, how does this happen?
 Abigail you are the most amazing child to me.  I love watching the way your mind works, how you think, what you say, the way you see the world, the joy in your eyes.
 You are an adventure who always has a plan.  Your purse holds gum, tissues, band aids, a favorite book and lots of toys.  You are prepared for whatever you will face.
 You love your family so much, your brother and your sister are great and you love to boss them around but as you grow older you are also learning to love those friends outside of our home too.  So fun to see you with your girlfriends.
 After dreaming of being a ballerina for years you have achieved that goal this year.  Your hour of ballet class each week is one of your absolute favorites.
 You love glamour.  Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, makeup, blinking your eyes and the more glitter the better.  I tell you every day who beautiful you are inside as well as out, I pray that you hold close to your self image as you grow older.
 You love to dress up, be fancy, and plan big events.  Dance parties for the family, birthday parties for your dolls,  concerts where we get to see you dance and more.  Out and about you are a very shy girl, at home - not so much.
 You love your dolls.  Your animals and dolls fill your bed, your special place, your arms.  Little tiny figurines all they way up to your baby dolls.  You love them all.  You spin with them, dress them, care for them, share them with Naomi so graciously and bring them everywhere you go.
 You are funny and I love to see the way you view the world.  Not a day goes by where what you do in all seriousness makes me laugh so hard. 
 You love fiercely and love your family.  You hate that your Grammie and Grandma live far away and ask all they time why you can't just be with them and be home too.  You promise me that someday you are going to build your house in my side yard and I can watch your kids and when it is time for snack I can come out on my deck and call to you and you will come over to eat with me.  Even though I know the world awaits you and you will be ready to take it on someday, I love this dream of you next door all my days.  I can handle that.   
 This year you didn't just start ballet but also became a cubby at AWANA.  How you love it.  You are starting to learn what it means to "be something" when you grow up.  Right now the top of your list is to be a nurse but at the same time you want to be an artist, photographer, a foot washer, mother, cook, and dancer.  
 You love animals.  The smaller the better.  The younger the better.  Baby animals, you just can't keep your hands off of them.  Besides our chicks we get each spring, I tell you that you can have a pet someday when you don't love it to death.  You just can't help yourself.
 You really do love to celebrate and getting ready for your birthday, valentine's day, Easter, Christmas - any holiday you name it, keeps you going all year long.  You have already told me that tomorrow when we sing to you it is important that you are sitting next to me so that you can hug my when sung too.  With celebrations come the sweets and that you love more then ever.  You wake up every single morning with sweets, candy, treats, and desserts on your mind.  
 You love to learn and are excited to start homeschool next year.  We pretty much do a ton now and it is so fun to show you the world, watch you learn to read, see you proud of what you can achieve and see your confidence and curiosity grow.
Abigail, my darling girl.  How I love you more then you will ever know.


lindajo said...

❤️ Grammie loves you so much. Abigail have a wonderful, fantastic, and Happy Birthday.

Anonymous said...

A fabulous tribute!

moth said...

Such happy, happy smiling pictures. I have to join Abigail in her beautiful smiles when I look at this post.


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