December 31, 2015

A Year In Review 2015

I am a goal setter, just something I have always done and will continue to do each year.  Not so much resolutions but things that I want to work each day to accept, change, improve, achieve and aim for throughout the year.  Looking back on those goals and evaluation how I did is part of goal setting.  Here is how 2015 went.

Kathleen’s Goals for 2015
(In no particular order)

Try outdoor/overnight camping with the big kids this summer.  We did this and we did this well with all three kids.  So excited we have started camping as a family of five.

After a sad example of a garden last year (due to baby and weather), I hope to have another large and successful garden this year.  Yes, minus the brussels sprouts, it was a great garden year.  Here it is January and we are still eating garden produce out of the pantry and freezer.

Put Abigail into swim lessons.  No.  Swim lessons in Fairbanks are different then most places I have been too.  They are expensive, every day for two weeks and the classes fill up very, very quickly.  So after a lot of thought Josh and I have considered at this age the best thing we can do for swimming is exposure.  We have had a family swim pass off and on all year, have gone to hotel pools, swam when visiting grandparents and do our best to get in the pool as often as we can based on the other things we are doing.  As a result the kids are doing great, jumping in, submerge their heads, float on their backs and are learning to swim from me.  For our family, right now, this works and is benefitting all five of us.

Enjoy Naomi being a baby.  Don't rush this.  And on this topic, enjoy each stage Abigail and Ethan are at too.  Days of the future will come too fast.  No, simply because to tell you the truth I can't believe I have a 5 year old, 3 year old and almost 19 month old.  Really, how did this happen.  It feels that they rush to grow up no matter what I do.  I will say that three is a much, much, much better stage for Ethan then two.  I am enjoying that very much.

Hike more as a family.  We did well two years ago but with most things the baby interrupted that a bit last year.  We want to be intentional about this.  This is a yes and a no.  We didn't really head out and achieve mountains at all.  Actually, due to the wildfires up north we never even went to the white mountains all summer where I love to go.  But we did get out for family hikes on the trails near town.  The large cross country ski complex isn't far from our house and in the beginning of the summer we grabbed a map.  We were intentional about going on all of the trails and we did a whole lot of them.  There are just a few more to accomplish this summer but it was fun, long enough to challenge the kids but short enough to make it a good opportunity, close to home and something we could do in an afternoon or evening so that we were more likely to go.  Good choice for this year.

Raise chickens once again.  Yes, our biggest flock as well.  Really the best opportunity to raise our own meat and then to have such a great product to enjoy all year.  Nothing bought at a store compares.  We are planning to raising an even bigger flock next year.  In addition we also raised bees this year. Another great experience we are looking forward to doing again.

Josh's car is on its last leg.  We need to set aside the funds to purchase a new/used one before it dies.  In addition, our goal is to have a small pull behind RV of some sort by the summer of 2016.  This year I want to work towards saving the money for these. Yes and No.  Yes, Josh's car did die but no it wasn't after we saved the funds.  Last January during some super cold weather the car died for many days and just didn't want to start.  When it did things were spraying, leak and rumbling in addition to the other issues we had been having.  We limped it into the car dealership where it did die but luckily just after we got the minimum trade in.  It was a wonderful car that served us well but Josh is very pleased that it was upgraded to his truck.  Our new goal was to pay the truck off in a year.  Well, we still have 30 days to go and I don't know if we will make it but we are VERY, VERY close.  If we don't get it by the end of Jan. we will be done with it by the end of Feb. for sure.  So thankful for this.  Step after we pay off the truck, save up so we don't ever need a car loan again!

Go on a family trip this summer, probably one where we stay in state but still, a family trip.  No.  We did go camping but never a real family trip where we drive, see new things and are gone more then two days.  Josh worked to much and just couldn't get the time off.  I took the kids and my sister to Homer but Josh had to stay home and work.  We did all go to Soldotna for Thanksgiving and visited Josh's family.  Not what I had in mind last January but it was something.

Bike as a family this summer.  Not sure what all this will entail but I would like to make it happen.  Yes.  We did figure this out and were out together by the end of April.  It was amazing.  But then Josh started working crazy hours and my jeep went into the shop for work and they kept it for TWO months.  That put a damper on our out and about that we had planned for the summer.  But we did figure this out, we did enjoy it and we do look forward to more biking time this summer.

Figure out what we are going to do for schooling for Abigail and start a homeschool preschool program.  NO.  As I have worked with Abigail, talked to other homeschooling moms, observed other homeschooling preschool moms, I have realized that this year is my bonus year.  Abigail is doing great.  We write a letter to someone once a week.  We talk about geology, biology, history, cooking, ballet, numbers, ethics, vocabulary and so much more.  But this is our gift year.  The year where she is getting it but doesn't have to be on anyone's schedule but our own.  There is time to learn because it is fun but if we want to stop and play we can do that too.  We are learning about chores, money, responsibilities, focus while working on a project and loving it.  Life is happening and that is what we are learning from, not a curriculum for preschool at all. 

Keep working towards the big goal of 2014 that we weren't successful at yet.  Time will tell but we must keep it in mind.  At this point I have no idea where this goal is going.  It is always there, always something we talk about, plan for, anticipate but really don't have a grasp of yet.  So nope we did not accomplish it but someday maybe we will.


lindajo said...

What a busy year! Side note for you, bought a organic chicken this week. 18 dollars. Great incentive for you!!!

Mother said...

I really like this annual accountability blog. You may be inspiring me to do this, too. Writing down goals certainly gives team added value. Very thoughtful and honest reflections. Good job!!!

Anonymous said...

That is a nice honest reflection on the year... lots of grammatical errors- but well reflected ;-)

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