December 11, 2015

A Toast To The Christmas Spirit

I learned last year that with kids that it is best to approach Christmas as a little each day.  Something to look forward to, put up, decorate, send, and such.  They love every minute, and I do too but it is best spread out.  This week was decoration week.
Our Alaskan black spruce, aka Charlie Brown Tree, was found by Abigail and she is so very pleased.  It is growing on me, and it is nice to have a slim little tree, but at first it was hard not to have anything that looks like a traditional tree.  Oh well.  The new LED lights are very blue but the kids like to keep the tree lit the entire day, every day, and it makes me happy to know the electric bill won't be outrageous.  This year I also pulled out my small three foot pre lit tree and let the kids have all of the non breakable ornaments for that.  They loved having "their" tree and both look good.  
In starting a new tradition at our house I made homemade eggnog on the day we put up the tree.  One of those grocery items I have never made before but enjoyed creating.
The kids, and Josh, loved it and it was fun to toast the beginning of the Christmas season around our tree together.  

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mother said...

A Christmas tree is truly a magical thing. A tree INSIDE the house and then covered with bright, little lights and such pretty and colorful ornaments we only see once a year. Oh my--I still feel joy as I look at our Christmas tree!


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