November 10, 2015

We Have Arrived

My family is the weird one that doesn't really love pizza.  Well, I do but not so much those that I cook for.  Josh is more of a calzone man and so that is what we often do.  But recently we went to an event and lo and behold my kids were hungry enough to try the pizza.  You know what, they loved it.  It was sort of like seeing your child zip their coat for the first time, I got that feeling of watching my kids grow up before my eyes.
 And with this success in mind I did something I have always looked forward to doing with my kids.  I had a "make your own pizza" night.  Well, in my house it was make your own calzone and pizza as the toss up is still there and they love both.  So we had fun making two small calzones and one joint pizza.
And not only was it fun to make but it was super fun to watch them ask for piece after piece until it was gone.  Next time we might just have to make two.

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