November 18, 2015

Two Wheels

One of our favorite things about visiting the south during the winter is the sun.  That and the lack of snow.  Makes being outside so very fun.  And with being out in warm air, on safe roads, sidewalks, and lots of space comes outdoor activities.  
 Usually I pack Abigail's scooter but this year she chose for me to just bring her training wheels and she would borrow my mother's neighbor's granddaughter's bike (is that too confusing?).  Well, come to find out our training wheels were too short as the bike was big.  But try and try and try we did and before we knew it Abigail was biking without those training wheels.  She isn't super confident but she can do it and what fun it was to be there right beside her as she reached this big milestone. 
And this little guy, who likes to call himself the zooming boy, loves that his bike is small enough to be packed up in a suitcase and taken everywhere.  There was not a single day of our trip that this boy didn't hop on this bike and we would take off.  No he doesn't have pedals, this is a balance bike, but boy is he fast.  Learning confidence in going fast is such a hard skill to teach when there aren't too many opportunities to be out practicing.  How thankful I am for those days of warmth, pavement ahead of us, and two wheels below.  

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mother said...

We were all so excited when Abigail took off on just 2 wheels-it happened quickly! Yay for Abigail! And Ethan went SUPER fast and already has all the balance needed--no training wheels EVER for him!


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