November 20, 2015

They Tickle My Toes And Make Me Happy

Can the days be more fun?  This is my last post on our trip to Texas.  A lot of things happened, a lot of time with family was spent.  It was full of fun times and simple days.   When the kids were antsy at home we would head out with the stroller, bikes and by foot to explore.
  One of the favorite spots was an area of big ponds filled with fish.  The kids would feed the fish, and themselves, whatever we could grab as we headed out the door.  Cheerios, crackers and such.  The kids weren't too picky and the fish loved it all.  But more then the snacks, the kids loved daring themselves to have the courage to put their toes in the water to see if the little fish would come nibble on their toes.
 And where my parents are there is a lot of economic growth right now.  So with that has come a big building boom.  Watching heavy machinery is fun for all ages.
 And lucky for us we visited over two different Tuesdays.  Thus we had the chance to go visit my mother's book mobile two separate times.  The kids and I love books and a library so one on wheels that comes to where you can walk to it was perfect.  And yes, we are able to read all the books we can fit in a stroller in just one afternoon.  Book mobiles are great but I do think the kids would have been happy if it came even more often.  
And playgrounds.  My oh my what a wonderful time we had at so many different ones.  The Texan kids were in school and so for the most part we had all of the sites to ourselves.  Yesterday it was so cold here at home.  We didn't go out all day, I hung up my insulated curtains as the woodstove struggled to keep the house warm.  We spent most of our day in the basement where the stove is and so we could be warmer but by the end of the day you feel like you have been in a dugout.  MORE SUNLIGHT NEEDED.  That is winter.  We are used to it.  But looking back at these pictures this week has been so good for me too.  How is it just over a week ago we were in such a different world?  Travel is so fast, so abrupt, but so wonderful too.  For now winter is before us.  Another day in the Texan sun will come again in the future.  That promise makes today just that much better for now.

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mother said...

Those tiny fish really did nibble toes and fingers. And how the kids laughed! I was quite surprised at how a Bookmoblie coming to seniors had so many wonderful books, puppets and DVD's for kiddos. Perhaps her later trips were to family neighborhoods. And the stroller basket had to also hold produce and such from the farmer's market on the same trip. Quite the happy load, huh?


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