November 24, 2015

Thanks Again To The Library

We love our library.  Correction, we love all libraries, but ours is super special of course.  Well, last week another amazing gem came out of a visit.  As we were heading out of the children's room Abigail spotted a disney princess cookbook.
Well, let me tell you the fun is still going strong.  Not only do we read the cookbook all the time and dream of all the things we can make but we are also busy in the kitchen.  This picture is from when we made Rapunzel's braided cheese and ham biscuits.  Ethan we learned needs a little help on the braiding since smashing the three pieces together was his thing.  But they still cooked fine and nothing tastes better to a child then food they cooked themselves.   Next on the list I think is Aurora's strawberry jam.  Who knew these princesses were such good cooks, or their friends (we did enjoy Cinderella's mouse friend Gus' mac n' cheese the other night too).  Another score for the library!  But I am hoping they are ok if the pages get a little bit of flour on them, now that is a dilemma for sure.  

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