November 23, 2015

Our Ballerina

This fall Abigail took her first ballet class.
 After dancing around the house, reading every ballerina book the library has and talking about it since she was two...
 she has thrived in her class.
 Fridays have become her favorite day of the week.
 There isn't as much spinning in ballet right now as she hoped for but she is learning each of the little moves.
 I love this picture because it shows you just what watching a class of 20 3-5 year old is like.  So cute.  I love her little face.
Last friday was parent's day.  We got to sit in the studio, take pictures, see her show off a little and she was so proud.
And Ethan and Naomi can successfully say that they have also succeeded in being the supportive brother and sister all semester too.  All in all it was a great semester, Abigail is already talking about the next class in 2016 and I am thankful for a break.  Watching our kids have so much fun at things they love are great indeed.


Anonymous said...

Those are the sweetest pictures ever of Abigail- thanks for the super great post of ballet pictures.

mother said...

Darling! I also like the second pic with her intensity to get it right. And how about that tongue? A bit of Grandma genes there. Who knows, she may become a ballerina for years to come.

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