November 11, 2015

Ice Biking

One of the advantages of a frozen road before another big snowstorm is that the road is hard.  Most of you might not realize this is such a wonderful thing.  But when you live on a dirt/gravel road that shifts most of the year making biking very hard, it really is fun to have a hard road ahead.  Yes that road is now covered in a solid sheet of ice, but the chance to bike from the house is an adventure indeed.  
I cut most of the video of the kids just biking along out but kept this part to share since it shows the constant competition of "who will be in the lead" that goes on around here.  Whoo Hoo for small victories.  Childhood adventures are fun for sure.

1 comment:

lindajo said...

Love them, way to go Ethan. You have to be in front at least sometimes!

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