November 19, 2015

Happy At Home In The Backyard Fun

 Texas is a big place to explore  but when we visit we often find that Grandma's backyard is the best place to be.
Running in and out of the house to the swing and to feed the deer that wander through,
playing forever in the small fountain off the patio (my parents probably had to add gallons of water after we left due to the great joy it was for my kids to empty as much water as they could),
Saying hello to the birds, deer, squirrels, and butterflies that filled the yard, 
and of course taking time to lounge and relax as the days went by.
And if the occasion ever did occur when the backyard lost a little bit of its luster, there was always the front yard to explore.  A sidewalk curb is perfect for driving cars 
and a paved driveway is perfect for sidewalk chalk and all the possible creations that can be made.  We were lucky that it rained a few times during our visit so that the kids were granted a clean slate to color some more.  I have heard many times since we have been back about how wonderful that driveway was.  Why oh why do we have to have snow and gravel in our driveway?  We never get to color at home like we do at grandma and popeye's house.  Oh the trials of childhood.


mother said...

Such super pictures--you'd think we live on a huge estate of many acres-haha Plenty of childhood experiences in this little corner. The butterfly mist is blooming a FILLED with Carly's relatives today. A week too late, boo hoo.

mother said...

Want to grab those baby thighs on Miss Naomi!!!

Anonymous said...

This is a really sweet post- looking at your trip from the eyes of your kids! We sometimes want to plan elaborate adventure- but they do find such joy in the things we think are normal.

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