November 13, 2015

Fun In The Sun

And just like that our big vacation to the land of the sun, family and fun has come to an end.
 What a wonderful trip we had.  I was asked several times yesterday how it felt to be back home.   The answer was always the same...
It is surreal.  Air travel to Alaska is longer then some route but it is still fast.  And then add in the children and well, I don't often get time to sit on a flight and reflect on the days we have had.   
 So here I am now, back at home.  Time for thinking back has begun.  As I unpack, and once again pack away all summer dresses, shoes, hats, and toys, I remember our days.
Full of family, laughs, activities, warmth, and sun - lots of beautiful sun.
Yes, we had a good trip.  We are once again back and settling in to our routines again.  How thankful I am for the memories we all hold.

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mother said...

me, too.

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