November 27, 2015

Cold Winter Play

The other day a friend asked what I do with the kids on cold days.  One easy response was, bring the snow inside.
We have posted about this before and love doing this.  I thought I would repost here at the beginning of winter to help remind other winter living families about what a fun thing this can be.
A ton of time playing in the snow and all I have to do is change gloves when they get wet.  But only when the kids want to wear them.  Another win for something fun on those cold / dark days of winter.


Anonymous said...

Very cute!

mother said...

You are an amazingly clever mother with many, MANY ideas for what to do on those countless cold days. Inside snow is ONE of your ideas-as is a climbing wall with a mattress below, a huge dress up drawer, inside trampoline, toy kitchen, REAL kitchen, glue and glitter and paint... Those are 3 very fortunate little ones.

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