November 16, 2015

Christmas Fever

This past weekend hasn't had me so much feeling the Christmas spirit as much as the Christmas fever.  That overwhelming wash of panic that sends heat all over and chills up my spine.  Those motivating emotions that should make me get things done but really makes me just want to crawl into bed.

Lucky for me Josh stepped in with spending time with the kids and I moved myself into making, crafting, organizing, creating and slowly checking things off the list mode.  I love Christmas but leaving for Texas the 30th of October really messed with my being prepared to mail Christmas packages mode that I usually have under control.  Coming back mid November and then getting ready to travel once again for Thanksgiving has left me a small window.  

And then seeing mom run around doing "christmas" things has the kids all confused because if I am getting ready for this or that where are their gifts?  Oh children, your's don't need to be carried by USPS.  I have plenty of time for your gifts.  At least that is what I tell myself now.  

But on this side of a very busy weekend I am feeling better and more put into order.  And where there might be a lot of projects still to be worked on I can say that the suitcases have all been unpacked.  That counts for something right?  

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Christmas FEVER! haha
Suitcases are unpacked is a big accomplishment!

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