November 6, 2015

Art And Cracks

As always, finding new arts and cracks projects isn't hard - it just isn't something I can always think of quickly when the kids say, Lets have arts and cracks.  I need to take the time someday to make up a list of ideas.  I will probably have the time to do this after they are done being interested.  Oh the struggles.
But the other day my brilliant idea was to pull out all of our cookie cutters for tracing.  As always each child went their own way and we had fun.  Abigail traced and made families and pictures.   Ethan organized the cutters by size, shape, and type.  Naomi banged some, chewed on some and drew with a crayon all over the table cloth as I pulled her off of the table every 30 seconds.  Yeah for another successful art session at the Klynstra house.  (This post might give you and idea why I don't pull out paints very often for craft time.  Someday, just not today.)

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