October 15, 2015

Where To Find Me

So often the things on my to do list, and those things that don't even make it on there, are repetition.  Clean bathrooms, wash clothes, make dinner (every day), and so on.  This isn't unusual to any of us,  I know.  But some days I look at that list, to the little people running around and realize I need something at the end of the day to say - I did that.  
So yesterday I stepped up my game and did something that should be repetitive but honestly hasn't been done in 7 years since it was instated.  With lots of "help" I emptied the pantry shelf by shelf, scrubbed down each shelf, threw out items that very well have been there for those seven years, organized and put everything back into place.  During the process all of my little helpers made me complete my project.  At the end of the day the kids went to bed and Josh found me standing in front of those clean shelves smiling.  Sometimes all a day needs is a little something different, something that says - I did that. 

1 comment:

mother said...

Peek a boo, little Naomi!
What a satisfying task you accomplished with the pantry overhaul. It IS an amazing, custom-made pantry.


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