October 5, 2015

When The Snow Falls

This event and pictures are now a week and a half old but even though a lot has happened I still wanted to share the fun.  You see snow has caused some problems for us the past week and a half but it is still a fun time too.  The first day of snow, real snow - the kind that sticks, we always make cookies.
 This year the kids picked cut out cookies so that we could make snowflakes and snowmen.
I dye me dough colors and thus remove any need for frosting.  We all went and played in the snow while the dough chilled.  Then the kids had fun decorating and eating their creations.  The winters are long but at least we can celebrate this feeling of snow being "new" once again.

1 comment:

mother said...

Nice BIG cookies. fun to have a tradition to celebrate the first snowfall.

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