October 26, 2015

What Happened

So making dinner, writing a letter, sorting laundry, or really anything that isn't staring right at the children usually means something is bound to happen.
Like emptying the entire silverware drawer all the while munching on a carrot.  Nothing makes you feel better about making a home cooked meal then going on to clean all of your dishes before you can eat.  So if you come to my home to share in a meal and your spoon has some carrot droll on it, please don't judge.  You are getting a home cooked meal after all.

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mother said...

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! She looks mighty proud of herself. hahahahahahahahahahahha.
My best (worst?) memory is being on the phone, staring at a small child but not really SEEING, and realizing that he had opened the refrigerator and was planning on taking a big bite of a stick of butter--all the while watching me watching him. The big talk now is of the many awful accidents that happen from distracted driving. Sometimes things happen from distracted mothering.