October 14, 2015

Time Away

Oh my little Naomi.  She loves Ethan and Abigail so much.  She has gotten to the age where she is where they are, plays what they play, tries so hard to run, jump, spin and be what they have become.  Abigail will spin with her, Ethan will play cars with her.  They both will give her toys to carry.
But sometimes during all the play she disappears.  My little Naomi who loves to be with those she loves and with whom loves her is also like her mama - an introvert at heart.  When she heads off on her own I love to look around for her.  Peeking around a door, or couch, or bookcase to see her reading a book, playing with an animal, or car.  This girl loves her family but she also loves her space.  

1 comment:

mother said...

I can certainly appreciate her need for personal space. Time outs of her choosing. Refreshing. I think it is healthy to be happy with your own company. I'm right with her on this one!

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