October 8, 2015

This Wasn't Planned

Our snowstorm last week took down more trees then the ones the electric company had to deal with.  It knocked over a few in our yard as well.  So while the kids and I played in the yard last night Josh set about to cut those trees up and haul the rounds to the shed for future firewood.  
Once the kids heard Josh's chainsaw the project we were working on was abandoned and we all wandered over through the woods to where he was.  The far side of our land holds our fire pit.  The lone fire pit that cooked hundreds of meals when we were building the house and didn't have a kitchen, but is often abandoned these days.  In the summer the bugs are just so bad over in the woods so it is used less now then we ever thought it would.
I commented to Josh that these late sunny afternoons would be a good time for a camp fire in the pit.  You know, one of those nights...we should do that. 
 His response, "do you want to have one tonight?"
I quickly responded, "Oh, no.  Not tonight.  Just thought it would be a good idea, for sometime."
 But when I paused and looked at the kids, the setting sun, the minimal snow, and the fact that it was already bath night, I realized no time as the present for such things.
 So a little fire, hot dogs, marshmallows and time together was had.
 After all, it already was bath night.  What could a little camp fire smoke hurt?
And those dinner ingredients that I had defrosted?  Well, they made for a great date night for Josh and myself after we were all bathed.  
Yes, those spontaneous adventures are always best.  The spur of the moment removes expectations and anticipated traditions to be upheld and leaves plenty of room for random and relaxed fun.

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mother said...

once again, great pics! My favorite is of the 3 of them with Naomi kissing Abigail, clutching her sippy cup. And, was that Thai chicken simmering there? Oh, yummy!!

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