October 13, 2015

The Unexpected Of Today

Yesterday Ethan informed me that he was now to be called Roger, not Ethan.
Parenting is hard, I stink at it so much.  I get tired, oh so tired, I scold, I make toys be cleaned up, I fuss about beds being made, chore charts being completed, sharing and oh - would the bickering ever end.  But days like this, when I look at my three year old who has learned to scrunch up his face in thought whenever he is asked a question (and how it almost always makes me laugh), decides he wants to be called Roger.  That moment of that day, things are good.  Parenting is joyful.  I pray I forget the time outs, the need to be on my game all the time, the sorrowful sighs as I struggle to be what three little kids need and instead remember the day that my Ethan became Roger.  Because who they are, special little cars lined up on a stair and all, is what makes today work.


mother said...

Oh how we laughed over Roger. Roger! Where did that name even come from???

Anonymous said...

haha... did you ask him why? Did he forget the next day that he was Roger?


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