October 20, 2015

The Right Thing

Over the weekend there was an event in town that was up the right alley for my crew.
At pioneer park there is the small train depot that houses the small train that goes around the park in the summer.  But for this night it was open to kids of all ages.
 There train books were read (and Ethan and Abigail were right up front with no prompting at all- see the grandpa hat and ballet bun?)
 Of course the snacks didn't bother my little lady one bit.  Actually keeping her from wandering the room snagging food off other children's plates was a full time job.  What makes someone else's half eaten food so much more interesting then the food on a plate your mother prepared for you?  I will never know.
 Coloring trains
 Checking out the 1905 restored steam engin
And of course ringing the bell.  The perfect kids evening for sure.

Many thanks goes to the Alaska Railroad club and the Imagination Library program for putting this evening on.  

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Anonymous said...

Looks absolutely perfect for your kids... any many others in the town- what a great idea!

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