October 6, 2015

Outside The Box

I went to a great talk last spring on teaching young children.  One thing the speaker spoke on was using resources to teach/entertain over and over again by thinking above and beyond what the instructions in the game/toy say.  Using one set of game pieces to come up with 50 activities.  This is a hard skill for me as I am an instruction and rule follower.  
 Back when I was pregnant with Abigail I found a great set of lincoln logs at a garage sale that has been set aside until the kids were old enough.  These days of early winter has found me pulling out the hidden treasures to be used to help us all pass the time.  So, the lincoln log bin has appeared.  And here we are a week later and we have yet to build a house.
 They have been sorted into different sizes, used as drum sticks, made into cars, pretended to be rockets, swords and so much more.
 All little hands have enjoyed these treasures and even though I did show them how a house could be built, I have enjoyed sitting back and seeing what they could create out a new bin of toys.
Ethan was particularly happy with himself for making a bird out of the roof pieces.  A little log cabin hasn't been built by the woods yet but that day will come.  For now we are enjoying these toys "outside the box" and that works.


mother said...

Great creativity. I struggle with thinking outside the box, as well. It's so pleasing to use something in a whole new way. These are really good pics of the kids in thinking mode.

Anonymous said...

Look at that cute little smile!!

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