October 12, 2015

Our Backyard

One of the joys of living in Alaska is the entertainment we can receive by simply looking out our window.
 An no matter how common it is to see a moose in the yard, it is still something we all stop to enjoy.  
Especially if it is after the garden is gone for the year and the moose are simply visiting to eat the brush from the trees that had been knocked down in the storm.
And this little lady, she loves her animals.  All of the kids love them but Naomi was hard core.  It was a cold morning our visitor stopped by and long after the rest of us retreated into the house Noami stayed.  A moose might be a little bigger then a dog to us but to Naomi all creatures are loved and called Pup Pup.  Yes, a morning visited by our wandering neighbors is always a fun one.

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